Ethical textile – sustainability and environment

What does ethical textile mean for us?

We consider that sustainability is crucial in being ethical – thus each of our pieces are made by hand. In this way we can create something unique and durable while not supporting overconsumption, since owning a masterpiece made by us will make you wish to only wear handwoven garment.

All the natural materials are sustainable by definition, and last for generations ut use. What we work with is completely biodegradable, so they don’t contribute to the pollution of nature.

Textile industry produces a lot of waste, for example if an industrial loom cannot use a cone (of yarn) anymore because it contains a broken line, they simply throw it away. Hand weaving has the advantage to use these discarded spools, because the broken lines can easily be mended by hand. By using these “scrap” spools, we can be more economic so nothing goes to waste.

Hand weaving can be a chance for people to work at home while set a good example to their children through creating something artistic, durable and valuable, with all the beneficans of home office. In this way, working on the loom can also easily become a tradition for new generations. Not only weavers can earn in this process, but we also offer opportunity for those who want to take part of the process from purchase to sale. Renovating and rebuilding old, hardly used looms could also be a new challenge to work on. Our long term goals are to be able to work exclusively with handspun threads with natural dyes as colouring.

We are absolutely packaging free which also means that we try to avoid plastic and redundant packaging materials, not only at selling, but also during the creation process and transportation. We have to mention: we are a ‘bagless shop’ putting the emphasis on environment protection, because we believe that it starts at mindful shopping – fortunately noone refused to buy from us because of this.
We are also happy to see a new wave of shipping. More and more companies start to use old freighter ships with sails, since using wind power is environmentally friendly and sustainable, and the weight of the shipment doesn’t matter with this propellant. We are planning join them, once when we can reach our worldwide goals.

All in all, we believe that considering this massive and complex global issue, people are tending to refuse large-scale industrial products more frequently and become more conscious customers. Being ethical is vital for us, thus we work hard to be as fairtrade as possible, offer jobs for people for all over the world while providing them reasonable wages, keeping mind that we need to respect the Earth so we wish to take the least and give the most in return.